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Nanasy Muehr, PLLC is a law firm located in Austin, Texas.  The firm provides experienced and effective legal counsel for business clients in several key areas.  Whether established or emerging, most companies address employment and various commercial matters on a regular basis. These are the building blocks of your enterprise and of this firm.

Employment Law

Commercial Law

Collections Defense

Staying on top of ever-growing, often confusing employment law is not easy.  The firm helps you make working sense of these laws and defends your business in administrative and court proceedings.  The firm provides regular, on-call advice, and represents employers in claims involving:


• Sexual harassment

• Race discrimination

• Age discrimination

• Gender/sex/pregnancy discrimination

• Disability discrimination

• Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

• Workers’ compensation retaliation

• Wage and hour, overtime

• Non-compete, non-disclosure agreements

• Severance, separation agreements

• Unemployment compensation disputes, appeals

• Hiring and firing issues

• Employee vs. contractor issues


The firm also drafts and reviews employment policies and procedures, as well as various employment-related contracts.

Commercial matters are what drive your business.  Negotiating service and product contracts, establishing vendor terms, getting paid for your output, and protecting  against risk – these all allow your business to run and thrive.  The firm understands this and can help you in the following  matters:


• Contract negotiation, drafting and litigation

• Commercial lease disputes

• Product liability

• Premises liability

• Regulatory compliance

• Risk management

• Suits on sworn accounts/commercial collection issues

While this firm does not handle consumer collections, it does defend businesses that do. Consumer collection and credit reporting agencies perform an important and necessary function for businesses that cannot otherwise collect valid debt.  This firm represents such agencies in the following types of lawsuits:


• Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)

• Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)

• Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)

• Texas Finance Code; Debt Collection Practices


The firm’s founding attorney has over 15 years of experience working with clients, large and small, in a wide range of industries including:

•  Retail

•  Hospitality (restaurants, hotels)

•  Medical services

•  Engineering design

•  Software development and licensing

•  Automotive

•  Construction

•  Energy

•  Transportation

•  Debt collection

•  Check verification

•  Credit reporting


Areas of Practice


From this experience, the firm has developed three core practice areas to assist clients:  employment (employer-side), commercial, and collection law.

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